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Driverless Cars Likely to Debut on Florida Roads

By Alan Goldfarb |

While you might see cars operated by artificial intelligence on Florida roads, those cars require drivers to oversee the process. In other words, these self-driving cars have drivers inside. That could change, however, and it looks set to change soon. Already, self-driving buses have brought passengers to and from their stops. Those close to… Read More »


13 Discount Plastic Surgery Patients Dead; Dozens More Injured

By Alan Goldfarb |

Miami has become a destination for surgical tourism. Plastic surgery centers advertise their services from around the country offering discounted rates to women who would otherwise not be able to afford the procedures. These surgery centers have come under fire recently after tallying up 13 deaths and numerous injuries resulting in permanent disfigurement or… Read More »

shutterstock_778445221 (1)

Injured Officer Sues Black Lives Matter Organizer

By Alan Goldfarb |

The 5th U.S. Court of Appeals overturned a district court ruling that a Louisiana police officer, identified as John Doe, had no standing to bring a case against Baltimore political activist DeRay Mckesson for an injury sustained in the line of duty during a Black Lives Matter protest. Mckesson, who organized the BLM protest,… Read More »


Trampoline Park Customers Report Serious Injuries

By Alan Goldfarb |

Trampoline parks are in the news again as customers report serious injuries they suffered while partaking in jubilant bouncing. Injuries such as broken bones, dislocated bones, joint injuries, and brain injuries were among the most commonly reported. Emergency calls placed to 911 detailed the frequency and extent of the injuries suffered by customers of… Read More »


Power Plant Worker Awarded $1.88 Million

By Alan Goldfarb |

Kenya Harvey, a subcontractor doing work for the Florida Power & Light Co., won a $1.88 million verdict in a lawsuit filed after a 70 lb piece of equipment fell on top of him. The company was found to be negligent in the causing of Harvey’s injuries. According to the lawsuit, the equipment fell… Read More »


Florida Supreme Court Will Reach Critical Decision on Parkland Shooting

By Alan Goldfarb |

How much will the Broward County School District be forced to pay victims of the Parkland Massacre? This is precisely the question that the Florida Supreme Court will be forced to answer. Since the lawsuit is being brought against the school district, which is an extension of the government, the school district is entitled… Read More »


E-Cig Explosion Causes Facial Disfigurement

By Alan Goldfarb |

E-cigarettes are becoming increasingly popular, but you’ve likely heard at least one story about a man whose cigarette exploded in his face causing severe injuries. If you haven’t, this is your chance. In cases where the cigarettes do explode, there is usually some question as to whether or not the individual who was smoking… Read More »

shutterstock_173305826 (1)

3M Targeted in Defective Earplug Lawsuit

By Alan Goldfarb |

Are defective earplugs to blame for hearing damage experienced by combat veterans? The Florida courts will attempt to sort out the claim. The U.S. Judicial Panel coordinated lawsuits in a variety of states and sent them right here to Florida where jurors will be asked to determine the extent of 3M’s liability in causing… Read More »


Sales of Roundup Drop Amid Concerns Over Safety

By Alan Goldfarb |

Monsanto’s Roundup weed killer has been seeing sales of the popular product drop over serious concerns that the chemicals used in the product cause cancer. Major retailers like Home Depot, Costco, and Lowes have recently reported drops in sales after a California jury determined that Roundup caused a man’s cancer. Monsanto was ordered to… Read More »


Xarelto Settles for $775 Million

By Alan Goldfarb |

The pharmaceutical companies that marketed and produced the blood thinner Xarelto, will settle a class-action lawsuit to the tune of $775 million. The lawsuit claims that neither doctors nor patients were adequately warned about certain life-threatening complications that could arise from taking the drug. Previously, Bayer Healthcare and Janssen Pharmaceuticals had managed to win… Read More »

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