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Johnson & Johnson Targeted in Opioid Lawsuit

By Alan Goldfarb |

While some states are treating pharmaceutical executives the same way street level drug traffickers are treated, other states are allowing the tort system to handle claims against major manufacturers of opioid-based medications. What’s clear to everyone, however, is that these pharmaceutical companies mislead doctors concerning the addictive properties of their drugs and went so… Read More »


Woman Files Suit Against Pres. Trump’s D.C. Hotel

By Alan Goldfarb |

A Virginia woman has filed a $1 million lawsuit against Donald Trump’s Washington, DC hotel. The federal government is also named in the lawsuit. The woman was coming out of the building when she fell down some steps. She claims that the lack of a handrail contributed to her injuries. The woman claims that… Read More »


Three U.S. Companies Hit With Multiple Wrongful Deaths in U.K. Fire

By Alan Goldfarb |

The London Grenfell tower fire that claimed the lives of 72 people and injured many others in 2017 is being blamed on defective building materials. Attorneys for families and individuals harmed in the fire claim that the insulation provided by Arconic Inc. was “highly combustible” and caused the fire to spread out of control…. Read More »


Supreme Court Decision Impacts Expert Testimony in Personal Injury Suits

By Alan Goldfarb |

In complex personal injury lawsuits that require the testimony of field experts, medical doctors, scientists, or other professionals, there are two different standards that courts use to determine the veracity or utility of an expert’s testimony. Of those, The Daubert Standard is the more difficult to meet. The admissibility of expert testimony has become… Read More »


Two-Year-Old Crashes Tesla Model X into Pregnant Mother

By Alan Goldfarb |

Tesla is being hit with yet another lawsuit related to its Model X, a semi-autonomous vehicle. By semi-autonomous, we mean that the Model X can drive itself but requires the oversight of a human passenger. The car has been in the crosshairs of several lawsuits both foreign and domestic. Some of these were related… Read More »


Twelve Killed in Brightline Train Accidents

By Alan Goldfarb |

The Miami Herald reported that, since 2017, when the high-speed trains were introduced, at least 12 have died in train-pedestrian accidents. The train, which runs between Miami and West Palm Beach, has become increasingly popular over the past two years, but lawmakers are wondering if Brightline has done enough to secure the safety of… Read More »


Man “Mauled” Aboard Delta Flight Sues

By Alan Goldfarb |

There have been multiple stories in the news about people being injured by “emotional support animals”. It’s important to understand the difference between an “emotional support animal” and a service animal. Firstly, emotional support animals need not be dogs. They can be cats, guinea pigs, sugar gliders, or just about any other animal you… Read More »


Woman Struck in Head by Bird Sues Disney

By Alan Goldfarb |

In a scene straight out of Alfred Hitchcock, a woman is claiming that she was struck in the head and “attacked” by a bird while on the docks at Disney. Does her case seem a little far fetched? We’ll take a look at the injury, how it occurred, and whether Disney can be held… Read More »


Daughter’s Facebook Post Costs Father Settlement

By Alan Goldfarb |

Personal injury attorneys hate social media. Not only does it cost our clients and attorneys hundreds of thousands of dollars each year, it’s also (arguably) responsible for the degeneration of American political discourse. If you’ve just won a major settlement, the best tip that we can give you is: Don’t brag about it on… Read More »


Florida Doctor Indicted On Charges Related to Surgical Mesh Lawsuit

By Alan Goldfarb |

It’s deeply frustrating to hear a story about those involved in major personal injury cases behaving poorly as a way to increase the value of their cases. It’s even more maddening to hear that they put vulnerable people at risk to do so by fraudulently claiming that they were in imminent danger. However, in… Read More »

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