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State Lawmaker Seeking to Strengthen Penalties for Texting and Driving

By Alan Goldfarb |

Florida is one of only four states where texting while driving is a secondary offense. This means that a police officer cannot pull over a driver solely for texting while behind the wheel. They need to be committing another traffic violation (e.g., speeding, tail light is out, not wearing a seatbelt, etc.) in order… Read More »


Distracted Driving Remains a Serious Safety Issue in Florida

By Alan Goldfarb |

A study conducted by EverQuote found that Florida drivers are among the most dangerous on roads and highways due to the prevalence of distracted driving, according to the Miami Herald. Florida was ranked 49th (i.e. second worst in the country), ahead of only Louisiana in a comparative analysis of drivers using cellphones while operating… Read More »

Women Legislators Learn About Distracted Driving

By Alan Goldfarb |

Women lawmakers from all over the country attended a Women in Government Conference in Florida. The conference included an AT&T simulation that focused on the dangers of texting and driving. State Senator Pat Pettey from Kansas noted that the simulation “showed her that it’s impossible to be aware of your surrounding while using a… Read More »

New Ad Campaign Encourages Drivers to Put Down Phones When Driving

By Alan Goldfarb |

Florida Highway Patrol is partnering with up with the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) and cellphone providers to encourage drivers to put down their phones while they are driving. This new campaign recognizes that texting while driving is dangerous, but using a smartphone in any way while driving is also unsafe. The National Highway… Read More »

Florida Department of Transportation Establishes “Safe Phone Zones”

By Alan Goldfarb |

In a news release by the Florida Department of Transportation, the agency announced that it will team with a popular car insurance company to establish safe phone zones. The program comes as Florida continues to struggle with the issue of distracted driving on its roads. Distracted driving has increased over 25% since 2012, and… Read More »

Distracted Driving: A Case Study

By Alan Goldfarb |

A recent study by the National Safety Council shows that 91% of parents who use electronics while driving do so in front of their teens. This presents a number of problems for Miami area and other Florida drivers. For one, the example being set for current or near-future drivers by those drivers’ parents can… Read More »

Distracted Driving: A Problem Garnering National Attention

By Alan Goldfarb |

Distracted driving is an increasing problem in the Miami area. It is estimated that more than 400,000 people in 2013 were injured due to distracted driving. Among those injured in 2013, 10 percent of the drivers under the age of 20 who drove distracted were involved in a fatal crash. And among the more… Read More »

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