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Truck Driver Kills Spanish Tourists

By Alan Goldfarb |

Four Spanish tourists were killed in a collision with a Florida truck driver in the Florida Keys. Now their families have initiated a wrongful death lawsuit against the company that employed the driver. According to the lawsuit, the truck driver rear-ended the tourist’s car. The force of the momentum pushed the car into oncoming… Read More »


Cruise Ship Tragedy

By Alan Goldfarb |

Cruises create some of the best vacation memories you can have – it is difficult to imagine anything negative about sitting back and relaxing on the deck while sailing off into the sunset. For one man, however, there is a sad ending to his vacation story. According to reports, the man fell overboard from… Read More »

Man Killed In Accident With Publix Truck

By Alan Goldfarb |

A man was killed and another one injured as a result of an accident involving a BMW and a Publix truck on US Highway 1 one recent Tuesday morning. The crash, which occurred in the early morning hours, shut down both sides of the highway as authorities worked to clear the wreckage and tried… Read More »

Auto Accidents – Not Just For Autos

By Alan Goldfarb |

When we think of car accidents, we most often picture two (or more) automobiles colliding on the roadways. Sometimes, however, a car accident involves a non-traditional vehicle – and in Florida, those non-traditional vehicles are often golf carts. Accidents involving golf carts can be especially devastating, particularly when children are involved. One Florida family… Read More »

Injuries At The Retirement Community

By Alan Goldfarb |

In what had to seem like a scene straight out of a movie, residents of a retirement community who were enjoying time together in the activity room were surprised by a rampant squirrel that had gotten into the building. The squirrel attacked several people who suffered injuries including bites and scratches during the incident…. Read More »

Uninsured Motorist Coverage In Florida Is Optional Yet Recommended

By Alan Goldfarb |

In the State of Florida, driving without car insurance is illegal and yet an estimated 1 out of 5 floridians operate their motor vehicle everyday, uninsured. For the majority of individuals who are involved in a motor vehicle accident the issue of financial compensation for any injuries or damages sustained becomes pivotal to their… Read More »

Toxic Tort Law

By Alan Goldfarb |

Injuries can happen in a variety of ways, from accidents, to intentional acts. And, perhaps surprisingly, one of the most unusual and unavoidable ways is being injured from your environment. Indeed, toxic torts are often unmentioned, but they do occur. What Are They? A tort occurs when someone performs a wrongful act, like an… Read More »

Dash Cams As Evidence In Motor Vehicle Accidents

By Alan Goldfarb |

Often when a car wreck becomes a matter to be resolved in a court of law, the verdict in the litigation will end up being decided based on which party was able to produce the most convincing evidence to support their version of the events.  This is especially true when the only witnesses to… Read More »

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