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Miami Construction Accident Attorney

Hundreds of workplace fatalities occur in Florida every year, and most job-related deaths occur in the construction industry. Since construction workers frequently work from heights and with large and dangerous machinery and equipment, they face many hazards on the job from falls and other injuries. Practically all construction accidents are avoidable, however, if applicable Florida state and federal safety laws and proper procedures are followed. When serious personal injury or wrongful death occurs in a preventable Miami construction accident, the attorneys at Alan Goldfarb, P.A. carefully investigate the circumstances surrounding the event and work hard to hold every responsible party accountable for their negligence or misconduct.

Our experienced personal injury and wrongful death attorneys represent the victims of Miami construction accidents and their families in all types of injuries and accidents, including the following:

OSHA governs workplace health and safety in Florida

Since Florida has not adopted additional standards at the state level, safety at construction sites and other job sites is governed by the rules and regulations of the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). OSHA regulations for the construction industry are detailed and extensive. They require that workers be trained, properly supervised and provided with the appropriate safety equipment, and that job sites are properly secured and equipped with adequate safety measures. For instance, construction workers working from heights, such as ladders and scaffolds, should have belts, harnesses and other fall protections. Cranes should be properly situated before being put into operation, and trench walls must be properly shored before a worker is allowed to work in the trench, even for a brief period.

These may seem like common sense safety measures, but they are frequently ignored by co-workers, supervisors or contractors who are more interested in getting the job done quickly and efficiently than in getting the work done safely. Of course, when construction companies put projects ahead of people, the results can be disastrous.

When construction site accidents happen because someone failed to adhere to appropriate safety protocol, or when a worker is injured due to a defective piece of equipment, the resulting injuries suffered by a victim can be devastating. Nearly all construction site accidents are the byproduct of someone’s negligence; it is just a matter of identifying the cause of the accident in the first place. It is your personal injury lawyer’s job to investigate your accident claim and determine who was negligent and how, and who can be held liable to you for the injuries that you have sustained. The full extent and scope of your injuries will be assessed, as well as a prediction made as to how much future medical care your injuries will require. All of this information will be used by your lawyer to determine how much in damages you should seek for the harm you have suffered.

Types of Construction Site Injuries in Florida

Construction injuries can happen all of a sudden, and without warning. Due to the dangerous nature of construction work, many construction site accident injuries are very serious, life-threatening, or even fatal. Some common construction accident injuries include, but are not limited to:

  • Crush injuries, due to heavy equipment or construction materials falling on a worker.
  • Building collapses.
  • Bridge collapses.
  • Bridge failures.
  • Construction defects.
  • Inhalation injuries due to exposure to chemicals, dust or hot fumes or air, and exposure to silica and other dangerous substances.
  • Heat stroke and heat exhaustion injuries.
  • Dehydration injuries.
  • Injuries resulting from explosions.
  • Eye injuries, such as lacerations of the cornea, blindness, or sudden loss of an eye.
  • Hearing loss.
  • Traumatic brain injuries suffered from a fall, or being struck on the head by a falling object.
  • Wounds, cuts, scrapes, lacerations, etc.
  • Amputations.
  • Electrocution injuries.
  • Burn injuries.
  • Ballistic type wounds sustained from being impaled by a screw or nail.
  • Pinch injuries, where fingers and other extremities become stuck in a piece of equipment.
  • Injuries related to a fall from a height.
  • Injuries related to a slip, trip or stumble.
  • Back injuries, from lifting heavy objects or construction materials.
  • Spinal injuries, injured spinal cord or herniated discs.
  • Neck and shoulder injuries.
  • Knee injuries.
  • Repetitive motion injuries.
  • Temporary and permanent disability.
  • Disfigurement.
  • Death.

These injuries are often severe emergency situations that require immediate medical attention. Injured workers must be rushed to the hospital for medical care. Not only that, but many construction site injuries require a long recovery time and extensive rehabilitation, if the worker is even able to ever work again. This can lead to a long recovery time, a lot of pain, and time off from work. The costs associated with being injured on a construction site can be staggering. A person injury lawyer can help you seek the compensation you deserve after a construction site accident.

Construction site accidents are often complicated cases since the injuries are so serious. Furthermore, depending on the circumstances, it may be possible to seek damages from the party that injured you, your employer, or third parties. An experienced construction site accident lawyer can help you seek the compensation that you deserve for you pain, suffering, medical expenses and lost time off from work.

Talk to an Attorney Today about Your Miami Construction Accident Case

If you were injured on the job, workers’ compensation may not be the sole source of compensation available to you, especially if the accident were caused by a negligent third party or defective product. At Alan Goldfarb, P.A., it won’t cost you anything to talk to us about your accident. We’ll let you know if you have a case and how we can help you get compensation for your doctor bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other legal damages. Give us a call in Miami at 305-371-3111, toll-free at 866-936-9761, or contact us online to schedule your consultation.

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