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Lawsuits Emerge Over Questionable “Stem-Cell” Treatments

By Alan Goldfarb |

So-called “stem cell” clinics are multiplying across the United States, offering hope to those on the receiving end of a poor prognosis. But many believe that these untested therapies are nothing more than the latest version of snake oil. Providers like the Stem Cell Center of Georgia purport to provide cures for conditions as… Read More »


Is Big Pharma Accountable For The Opioid Epidemic?

By Alan Goldfarb |

A lawsuit filed by Palm Bay City Hall could open up the floodgates for personal injury lawsuits in the state for those who have become addicted to prescription pain-management medication. Palm Bay will be the first city in the State of Florida to sue the pharmaceutical companies that they feel are responsible for America’s… Read More »


Blot-Clot Filter Results in 27 Deaths

By Alan Goldfarb |

A blot-clot filter that was blamed for the deaths of 27 people resulted in a $3.6 million verdict in a product liability lawsuit just recently. But this could be only the beginning as more lawsuits pile up against the companies that designed and manufactured the devices. Plaintiff’s attorneys allege that the devices never underwent… Read More »


Legendary “Ant Bite” Verdict Overturned By Appeals Court

By Alan Goldfarb |

The so-called “ant bite” lawsuit that made national headlines is once again in the news. For those who don’t remember, the case began when a truck driver transporting batteries had a heart attack while driving causing the truck to capsize. Specialists were called in to remove the hazardous material and then the truck itself…. Read More »


Prince’s Family Taking On Hospital In Misdiagnosis Lawsuit

By Alan Goldfarb |

Recent studies revealed that the number one reason for medical malpractice lawsuits was a botched diagnosis. That is precisely what the surviving members of the late pop icon, Prince, are alleging in a lawsuit against the hospital that treated him for an opioid overdose. The overdose occurred in 2016 after a show that Prince… Read More »


Woman Alleges Pastor’s Blessing Caused Her Brain Injury

By Alan Goldfarb |

A woman who is a member of a megachurch in Georgia is suing her pastor. The woman alleges that the pastor pushed her forehead so violently that it caused her to fall to the ground where she struck her head. The woman is contending that the force of the fall caused a traumatic brain… Read More »


$117 Million Awarded In Talcum Powder Lawsuit

By Alan Goldfarb |

Unless you’ve been under a media blackout, you’ve probably heard something about the baby powder product liability lawsuits. The cases originated with studies that showed the risk of potential cross-contamination between talcum and asbestos, deposits of which are often found near to one another in the natural environment. Since asbestos is the primary risk… Read More »


Orlando Walmart Hit With Premises Liability Suit

By Alan Goldfarb |

An Orlando woman is suing Walmart in a premises liability lawsuit. The woman claims that she tripped and fell over a shopping cart as she was walking through an aisle. The woman is further alleging that, as a result of the accident, she sustained: Bodily injuries Medical bills Pain and suffering Emotional anguish Lost… Read More »


Florida Rated Second Worst State In The Country For Pedestrian Deaths

By Alan Goldfarb |

According to a recent study, Florida was ranked the second worst state in the U.S. for pedestrian deaths. While many blame the problem on distracted drivers and pedestrians, Florida cities lack proper bike lanes, crosswalks, crosswalk lights, and even sidewalks. This has resulted in an unprecedented number of personal injury lawsuits brought by pedestrians… Read More »


More Personal Injury Suits Filed In FIU Bridge Collapse

By Alan Goldfarb |

More personal injury lawsuits are emerging from the bridge collapse that claimed the lives of six people. A 22-year-old student was in the left-turn lane waiting for the light to change when the bridge came crashing down on her Honda Civic. The 950-ton slab of concrete barely missed the cabin of her vehicle and… Read More »

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