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Toyota Issues New Recall of Takata Airbags

By Alan Goldfarb |

Takata airbags are in the news again after Toyota issued a wide-scale recall of the automobiles fitted with the dangerous airbags. This includes over 1.3 million Toyotas across the U.S. The airbags have been implicated in 22 deaths and numerous catastrophic personal injuries that included broken necks, severe facial deformities and more. According to… Read More »


Oregon Football Player Blames Coaches, NCAA for Rhabdo

By Alan Goldfarb |

Doug Brenner, a former offensive lineman with the Oregon Ducks, named his former coach, Willie Taggart, the Duck’s strength and conditioning coach, and the NCAA in a lawsuit blaming them for his rhabdomyolysis (also known as rhabdo). Rhabdo is a very serious condition that is associated with dangerous levels of exercise. While exercising, if… Read More »


Florida Family Files Wrongful Death against Airbnb

By Alan Goldfarb |

Carla Stefaniak was in Costa Rica celebrating her 36th birthday. The trip, however, went terribly wrong. Stefaniak was murdered. The Costa Rican government has identified suspect Bismarck Espinosa Martinez as the prime suspect and is holding him in custody for the murder. Stateside, the family of Carla Stefaniak has filed a wrongful death lawsuit… Read More »


Doomed Lawsuit Targets Resource Director in Parkland Shooting

By Alan Goldfarb |

A recent lawsuit filed against Scot Peterson, the former BSO officer who acted as the Parkland School resource officer has been targeted in a lawsuit alleging that he was negligent the day that Nikolas Cruz shot fellow classmates and teachers. However, the Supreme Court has routinely ruled in favor of police officers served with… Read More »

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Family of 38-Year Old Father Sues Theme Park for Not Posting Warnings in Spanish

By Alan Goldfarb |

This has become a major national story the main function of which appears to be to enrage those who believe that the U.S. should be an English-only language. The better question is: Does this lawsuit have merit in a legal context? Today, based on lawsuits in the past, theme parks do post information concerning… Read More »


Did Flame Retardant Materials Give Firefighters Cancer?

By Alan Goldfarb |

Former employees of Florida State have joined a class-action lawsuit against the manufacturers of flame-retardant chemicals that they claim cause cancer. The lawsuit states that the area around the Florida State Fire College showed elevated levels of these chemicals in topsoil, three wells, groundwater, and the air in areas immediately surrounding the campus. According… Read More »


UCF Knights Fan Hit by Flying Sign

By Alan Goldfarb |

Is the University of Central Florida responsible after a flying sign struck a fan in the stands? A Brevard County woman sued the UCF when, while she was attending a Knights football game, a “three-tiered metal-framed sign stand” struck her causing her to suffer injuries. The suit claimed that the University alongside other associated… Read More »


In the Wake of Parkland Shooting, Florida Congress Debates Spending

By Alan Goldfarb |

Lawsuits against the Parkland School District are stuck in limbo right now. Since the Parkland School District is a state agency, plaintiffs must wade through the State of Florida has restrictions against negligence lawsuits against the state. While victims have also tried to sue the Parkland shooter himself, that will be much like drawing… Read More »


Judge Decides that Big Pharma Cannot be Labeled Drug Dealers

By Alan Goldfarb |

Since the opioid crisis has made major headlined over the past decade, more and more victims are taking aim at big pharma. These include wrongful death lawsuits filed by families, personal injury lawsuits filed by victims, and even civil litigation filed against big pharma by state and local governments in the light of the… Read More »


How to Spot a Bad Personal Injury Lawyer

By Alan Goldfarb |

In any given area, there will be thousands of personal injury attorneys to choose from. How do you know which one to choose? What if you get a bad feeling during your case? How do you know that your attorney is doing everything in their power to fight for your right to be compensated… Read More »

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