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Miami Product Liability Attorney

Dangerous & Defective Products

Product and vehicle malfunctions are the result of poor design, quality, manufacturing or defect and can cause serious and severe injuries, including death. From simple household products to heavy machinery, it is vital that the manufacturers are forced to produce reasonably safe products. Many times companies may be required to redesign a particular product or to take a product off of the market.

The trouble with product liability cases is that you often times have no idea the product that you are using is dangerous. You, as a consumer, reasonably believe that the products being sold to you are safe for your use, and yet some products are in fact not safe. These defective products endanger you and your family. When products cause injuries to victims due to poor design, poor quality, or a manufacturing or product defect, injured victims can seek compensation for their pain, medical expenses and lost wages with a product liability claim. An experienced Miami product liability attorney will be able to help you build your strongest possible case so that you can recover the maximum amount of damages that you are entitled to.

Product liability law is a matter of strict liability and is meant to protect consumers from harm. This means that the manufacturer, distributor or seller of the defective product can be held liable for the harm caused by the defective product, regardless of fault. There is no requirement that any one of the seller, manufacturer or distributor was at fault for the harm caused by the product – they are merely held liable on principle. A defective product is one that is defective because of a design defect, a manufacturing defect or the product lacking adequate warning on the product itself. A defect must exist in the product in order for strict liability to take effect.

The defect must cause an unreasonably dangerous condition, and the defect must be responsible for causing the victim’s injuries. The product defect must have existed when each of the manufacturer, distributor or seller had the product within its control. Since each of the manufacturer, distributor and seller can be on the hook for damages in a product liability case, it improves the victim’s chances of obtaining the maximum possible recovery available.

Our firm is committed to making sure that these companies manufacture and produce safe products. Products liability cases may include the following:

  • Defective tools and machinery
  • Poorly designed vehicles more prone to accidents
  • Defective auto accessories such as tires, seat belts, airbags, and child car seats
  • Defective drugs and medicine, e.g., Bextra, Baycol, Rezulin, Fen-Phen, PPA, Vioxx, Celebrex, Aleve, Bendectin, DES, Thalidomide, Accutane, Phentermine, Oxycontin and other prescription and non-prescription drugs
  • Defective medical devices
  • Defective toys and recreational equipment
  • Tainted food and tobacco
  • Toxic chemicals and substances, such as pesticides, asbestos, and mold
  • Defective firearms
  • Defective household products and appliances

A successful outcome in a product liability case requires a technical understanding of all of the various issues that may arise when an accident occurs.

Why File A Product Liability Suit?

A defective or poorly designed product can cause a user serious and devastating injuries. Depending on the product, the injuries could be localized to just one limited area of the body (such as a hand holding a defective product) or could cover the entire body (for example if a product exploded or a defective car part causes your vehicle to crash).

There are many reasons to file a product liability suit when you are injured by a defective product. The main reason is to obtain the compensation that you deserve for your injuries, medical expenses and pain and suffering. Another reason is that product liability lawsuits often lead to companies pulling the dangerous and defect product off the shelves, thus protecting other consumers from suffering similar injuries. A third reason is that product liability cases often force companies to reevaluate the defective design of the product so that they make the product better and safer in the future. Your personal injury claim for a defective product injury can help change things for the better and can save other people from getting hurt too.

Contact Our Miami Product Liability Attorneys

The attorneys at Alan Goldfarb, P.A. has extensive and successful experience in personal injury law. We will provide you and your loved ones with expert advice and counsel on your legal options. Contact our office at 305-371-3111 or toll free at 866-936-9761 to schedule a FREE consultation with our legal team. You may also contact us online.

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