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Miami Toxic Tort Attorney

It has taken a long time for us to understand that some building materials that we used decades ago are dangerous to our health. Similarly, we may have been using drugs, chemicals or pesticides that we thought were safe, but we later learned that they were dangerous. Exposure to these materials can cause serious injuries or illness, but these conditions take a long time to develop after exposure occurs. The injuries that are suffered could be life-threatening, or even fatal. Certain materials can emit poisonous gases, or toxic fumes as they decompose, or these materials could make excellent breeding ground for toxic mold and fungus.

What makes these dangerous substances so terrible is that they can be found right in a person’s home or workplace, or exposure to a toxin could take place through the victim’s water supply. A victim could spend thousands of hours exposed to these dangers, and not be aware. But when victims begin to develop symptoms, and learn that dangers such as radon, mold, water contamination, or asbestos are the source of their exposure and the cause of their symptoms or injuries, the victim may have a basis for a toxic tort personal injury claim. Depending on where the exposure happened, the victim could have a cause of action for personal injury against their employer, water control department, or their landlord.

Catastrophic injuries and in severe cases, death may arise from the inhalation of harmful environmental toxins, such as mold, radon or asbestos. These cases may involve a “sick building,” a negligent employer or exposure from a residence. Based on the degree of exposure coupled with the type of environmental contaminant a person is exposed to, the injuries vary and may take a significant time period to develop. It is therefore essential that a person who may have been exposed to harmful contaminants seek immediate medical assistance.

Types of Toxic Tort Injuries

The injuries that arise from toxic torts can take many forms and can arise from many sources. Paints, chemicals, cleaners, particles, gases, pesticides, mold, drugs and other materials can all be sources of dangerous substances that can cause serious harm to exposure victims. Victims can develop diseases, illnesses, or cancer. Many toxic tort victims suffer injuries such as:

  • Injuries due to inhalation of the hazardous or toxic material. The lungs and air pathways could be injured due to exposure, which can cause the victim to develop lung disease, cancer or reduced breathing capacity.
  • Injuries to the nervous system. Exposure to toxins and hazardous chemicals often takes a toll on a victim’s neurological system. When the victim’s neurological system is damaged, it can cause a cascade of other problems, such as loss of sensation in the extremities, cognitive disorders, loss of mobility, memory loss, muscle degenerative conditions, etc.
  • Kidney damage. Ingesting or absorbing hazardous materials or dangerous toxins can damage a victim’s kidneys and could cause renal issues. Treatment might require dialysis or a kidney transplant.

Building A Toxic Tort Case

Toxic tort cases are challenging because you may have to demonstrate liability and produce evidence of your exposure to the dangerous substance that could have taken place years ago. Toxic tort cases sometimes must rely heavily on limited amounts of evidence and science. The appropriate laws for your specific toxic tort case must be applied to the facts in a way that makes sense and demonstrates causation for your injuries. Toxic tort cases can be tough, but you deserve to be compensated for the injuries that you have suffered.

It is also essential that a person who has been exposed to mold, radon, asbestos or other harmful contaminant talk to a skilled Miami toxic tort attorney. At the law offices of Alan Goldfarb, P.A., our Florida park environmental law attorneys have the resources and knowledge to effectively handle these complex claims. Toxic tort cases demand extensive research and investigation into the indoor air quality, the surrounding materials, the heating and air conditioning system, the design or the structure of a contaminated building and other technical factors that may contribute to contaminant growth. Our legal team has litigated toxic tort cases for more than 50 years and we will aggressively pursue a fair and just compensation for your loss.

Contact Our Miami Environmental Law Attorneys

Alan Goldfarb, P.A. will advise you and your loved ones of your legal options. Contact our law firm at 305-371-3111 or toll free at 866-936-9761 to schedule a FREE consultation with our legal team today! Or contact us online.

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