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Miami Mass Transit Accident Attorney

Although safety measures have improved greatly in the aviation industry since the birth of flight, air crafts continue to crash, which often causes serious and severe consequences. Human error is responsible for a large percentage of aviation accidents. Therefore, individuals who have been injured in either a private or commercial aircraft, or who have lost a loved one in an aviation accident may be able to recover for such injuries or death. This includes any type of aviation incident, occurrence or accident. Our Miami transit accident attorneys are here to ensure that aircraft safety regulations and polices are properly followed and properly enforced.

As skilled South Florida bus and train accident attorneys, we handle aviation and mass transit accidents that include:

  • Fatal and non-fatal airplane crashes
  • Airport collisions
  • Accidents due to faulty equipment
  • Accidents due to FAA regulation violations
  • Accidents due to pilot errors
  • Problems in the design or structure of an aircraft
  • Flight service station employee negligence
  • Negligence in a third party selection of a carrier
  • Federal air traffic controller negligence
  • Bus accidents
  • Train accidents
  • Subway accidents
  • Mass transit accidents resulting from poorly maintained and defective equipment
  • Assault and battery in airports and/or other mass transit stations due to negligent security and supervision
  • A successful outcome in aviation accidents or any type of mass transit accident requires an understanding of all of the various issues that may arise when an accident occurs.

Contact Our Miami Mass Transit Accident Attorneys

Alan Goldfarb, P.A. has extensive and successful experience in personal injury law. Our attorneys will provide you and your loved ones with expert advice and counsel on your legal options after an airplane, train, bus or helicopter crash. Contact our office at 305-371-3111 or toll free at 866-936-9761 to schedule a FREE consultation with our legal team. You may also contact our Miami law firm online.

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