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Miami Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney

If you or a loved one has suffered brain injuries because of the carelessness of a medical professional, you want an experienced lawyer to help you get full and fair compensation for your losses. The consequences of a brain injury can be devastating, both financially and in terms of your lifestyle. Victims of brain injury often require round-the-clock attention, and may need significant long-term medical care.

Medical Malpractice cases can present complicated legal issues and demand a great amount of resources to litigate. Our firm has over 50 years litigating traumatic brain injury cases and know how to maximize the resources available to obtain optimal results. Our Miami traumatic brain injury attorneys provide a full service approach to each client and their needs.

Miami Brain Trauma Attorney

We handle all types of brain injuries resulting from medical negligence, including:

  • Cerebral palsy or other brain damage to infants caused by negligence in neo-natal care or during the delivery process
  • Brain injuries sustained by children or adults during surgical procedures, as a result of anesthesia errors or other negligence causing oxygen loss or deprivation
  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI) or other brain trauma caused in any other type of accident, including motor vehicle collisions, slips and falls and other mishaps

We handle all degrees of brain injury, from IQ loss or diminished motor function to permanent and severe brain damage.

Brain Injuries Are Unique

No two brain injury cases are the same. This is because every individual has a unique brain, and thus the brain injuries suffered by every individual are unique. While there is a general map of which locations of the brain control certain body and mental functions, the boundaries of these brain regions vary slightly from one person’s brain to the next. By way of example, two people could suffer the exact same blow to the head in the exact same area of the brain, and they could very well suffer incredibly different injuries as a result.

Some brain injury victims are able to recover lost brain function or motor control after an injury. A victim may have to relearn how to do certain things with a new part of the brain after their injury, but the victim will be able to recover. Other victims are less fortunate, and suffer brain injuries that are so severe or extensive that full or even partial recovery is impossible. The victim will forever be changed by his or her brain injuries due to the negligence of someone else, and that is a tough thing to live with. The victim might become depressed due to their situation, could be unable to work any longer, and could lose the ability to participate in activities that they once loved. The losses associated with a brain injury are significant for a brain injury victim.

The consequences of a brain injury are vast since the brain is responsible for so many aspects of a person’s ability to live and function. A victim could suffer reduced mental capacity, loss of memory, loss of cognitive function, loss of decision making faculties, loss of motor skills, loss of language skills, loss of speech, loss of sensations such as smell or taste, loss of sensation in the extremities, behavioral or personality changes, and mood swings. These are just some examples of the effects a brain injury can have on a victim.

Brain injuries don’t only hurt the victim. Brain injuries can have a significant impact on a victim’s life and they can also have a serious impact on the lives of the victim’s family members. When a victim suffers a brain injury that is so severe that the victim needs lifelong medical care or constant supervision, it affects the victim’s family as well, as the family members must care for their injured loved one. Similarly, if the victim’s brain injuries causes the victim to undergo a change in personality or temperament, the victim’s family must learn to adapt to and live with their loved one the way that they are now after their brain injury. Making the adjustment can be challenging.

When someone is responsible for causing a victim’s brain injuries, such as a negligent doctor or negligent automobile driver, the victim may have an actionable personal injury case against those who caused their brain injury. Financial compensation can be sought for the victim’s injuries, medical expenses, future medical care, rehabilitation, pain and suffering and lost earnings. Because these types of cases are so unique, you need an experienced brain injury personal injury lawyer to help you seek the compensation you deserve.

Contact Our Experienced Miami Traumatic Brain Injury Attorneys

Alan Goldfarb, P.A. will advise you and your loved ones of your legal options. Contact our office at 305-371-3111 or toll free at 866-936-9761 to schedule a FREE consultation with our legal team today!

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