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Train Derailment Near Port Everglades

Port Everglades was the site of a train derailment recently, when nearly half of its rail cars ran off the tracks. The rail cars were not carrying passengers, though, but instead were liquid tankers hauling ethanol. A potential disaster was avoided, however, as the tanker cars did not turn over and nothing was spilled. In what can be described as a fortunate unfolding of events, if not a miracle, even though a small fire broke out due to track friction, not one person was injured.

Injury-Free Derailment Not The Norm

Without a doubt, this situation could have been a lot worse, as train derailments happen more than anyone would like. In so many train derailment accidents, passengers and workers alike are injured or even killed. Even though great advances have been made in mass transit safety, accidents will continue to occur and the numbers of injuries and deaths in just one accident can rise quickly. Around the country – in fact, worldwide – we see reports of train accidents with tragic results.

Rail Safety Statistics

The United States Department of Transport, Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) is charged with promoting the safety of our country’s railroad systems. The agency is responsible for the development of safety standards as well as oversight of railroad companies’ compliance with safety standards. Additionally, they investigate and report accidents that occur on the railways. The FRA notes that railways are busier than ever, with rail travel carrying more passengers than ever and rail freight higher than any almost point in history. They also note that riding the rails has never been safer, as the three most common types of rail accidents – human error, track defects, and equipment defects – are all down significantly over the last decade.

Types Of Rail Accidents

Train derailment is only one of several types of accidents that can occur on the railways, though it is the type of accident that has the ability to cause the most deaths and injuries at one time by comparison. Other types of railway accidents include collisions between two trains, collisions, between trains and motor vehicles, and train/pedestrian accidents. Naturally the smaller the object is that the train hits, the more likely the smaller vehicle – or person – will suffer much more damage than the train. In some train accidents, such as the Port Everglades incident, train derailments or accidents result in chemical spills, which in turn cause harm to people and property.

Contact The Office Of Alan Goldfarb, P.A. For Legal Help

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