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Verdicts and Settlements

The following results represent gross amounts recovered and not the actual net amounts that went to the clients. The amounts stated are before deductions for fees and costs of attorneys and third parties such as medical providers.

  • $16.0 MILLION Wrongful death resulting from a construction accident.
  • $15.0 MILLION Medical malpractice claim against Hialeah Hospital. Jury Verdict against the hospital for the death of a 44 year-old mother of three sons (no economic loss)
  • $11.1 MILLION Hospital and treating doctor failed to detect and diagnose dehydration in an infant, causing severe brain damage.
  • $9.5 MILLION Medical Malpractice settlement.
  • $9.0 MILLION Patient sustained catastrophic brain injuries due to improper administration of anesthesia.
  • $8.832 MILLION Teen collides with family's vehicle while texting, killing the mother, injuring the father, and leaving behind two children.
  • $6.8 MILLION Hospital & OB/GYN negligently delivered child resulting in brain damage.
  • $6.0 MILLION Medical malpractice claim against numerous defendants. New born brain injury leaving child severely disabled.
  • $6.0 MILLION "Confidential Settlement”in a medical malpractice case involving a newborn.
  • $6.0 MILLION Premises liability action wherein a motor vehicle collided with a bicyclist in a negligently designed commercial ingress/egress.
  • $6.0 MILLION Automobile accident resulting in the loss of man's four fingers.
  • $5.3 MILLION Independent vendor at flea market negligently struck child causing brain injury.
  • $5.0 MILLION Tower Crane Accident in New York City Resulting in Wrongful Death
  • $5.0 MILLION Hospital negligently extubated patient resulting in brain damage.
  • $4.5 MILLION Negligent security action where female was shot in the face by former boyfriend in shopping center parking lot.
  • $4.2 MILLION Pediatrician negligently diagnosed child resulting in brain damage.
  • $4.1 MILLION Electrocution death of minor child.
  • $4.0 MILLION Negligent security of a local bar.
  • $4.0 MILLION Bar/restaurant patron was assaulted and suffered a traumatic brain injury.
  • $3.9 MILLION Wrongful death action arising out of tractor-trailer accident.
  • $3.8 MILLION Hospital malpractice resulting in brain injury.
  • $3.8 MILLION Patient died as a result of negligent administration of anesthesia.
  • $3.8 MILLION Electrocution death of 38-year-old-man due to negligently re-energized power lines.
  • $3.6 MILLION Wrongful death action arising out of the drowning of female in pool.
  • $3.5 MILLION Products liability rollover action rendering Plaintiff a paraplegic.
  • $3.5 MILLION Head-on collision with truck overloaded with trees, resulting in death.
  • $3.5 MILLION Medical malpractice resulting in massive heart attack and 40% loss of heart function.
  • $3.4 MILLION Head-on collision with tractor-trailer in the Florida Keys.
  • $3.2 MILLION Wrongful death arising out of a motorcycle accident due to obstructed view.
  • $2.85 MILLION Product defect of a seatbelt resulting in serious injuries.
  • $2.8 MILLION Multiple deaths caused by automobile accident.
  • $2.75 MILLION Premises liability action against Hotel and contractor for injuries suffered when hotel guest fell through defective door, lacerating arm, resulting in CRPS/RSD.
  • $2.7 MILLION Wrongful death action for the failure to diagnose a pulmonary embolism.
  • $2.7 MILLION Death of parents in a plane crash.
  • $2.5 MILLION Pedestrian struck by car resulting in knee injury.
  • $2.4 MILLION Automobile collision resulting in back injury.
  • $2.4 MILLION Infectious disease physician misdiagnosed 71-year-old-man, resulting in death.
  • $2.25 MILLION Wrongful death action for failing to timely and properly treat pneumonia.
  • $2.2 MILLION Construction accident wherein employee negligently transported two-tons of glass mirrors which fell on man and crushed him to death.
  • $2.1 MILLION Slip and fall on cruise ship, resulting in head injury.
  • $2.1 MILLION Hospital nurses failed to monitor 18-year-old patient, resulting in brain damage.
  • $2.1 MILLION Premises liability action against landowner for leg injuries suffered by mailman due to fallen tree blown down during tropical storm.
  • $2.0 MILLION Settlement for victim of sexual abuse.
  • $2.0 MILLION Physician failed to diagnose and treat cancer, resulting in patient's death.
  • $2.0 MILLION Premises liability action against hotel for failing to comply with pool safety codes, resulting in the drowning of a 12-year-old child.
  • $2.0 MILLION Physician misdiagnosed patient's breast cancer.
  • $2.0 MILLION Wrongful death arising out of automobile collision in an intersection.
  • $2.0 MILLION Wrongful death action for failure to diagnose aorta aneurism.
  • $1.78 MILLION Boating accident resulting in arm injuries to passenger.
  • $1.6 MILLION Wrongful death action against warehouse owner for failing to block-off warehouse from children while under construction.
  • $1.6 MILLION Wrongful death action arising out of automobile collision.
  • $1.5 MILLION Premises liability action against homeowner when individual fell from roof.
  • $1.48 MILLION Wrongful death action arising out of automobile collision.
  • $1.4 MILLION Hospital nurses failed to monitor 21-year-old pregnant woman.
  • $1.4 MILLION Death of a newborn child due to negligent delivery.
  • $1.4 MILLION Physician failed to diagnose kidney infection resulting in loss of kidney.
  • $1.135 MILLION Toxic tort wrongful death case.
  • $1.3 MILLION Hospital nurses negligently placed an intravenous pyelogram (IVP) during procedure, causing injuries.
  • $1.3 MILLION Medical malpractice action airing out of the death of a 38-year-old woman during childbirth.
  • $1.25 MILLION Patron killed from store merchandise that fell off shelf.
  • $1.2 MILLION Physician failed to diagnose aneurism, resulting in death of 43-year-old patient.
  • $1.2 MILLION Physician failed to stop mother's bleeding during childbirth, resulting in chronic brain injury.
  • $1.2 MILLION 78-year man paralyzed due to automobile accident.
  • $1.2 MILLION Wrongful death action against a country club for the drowning of an 8-year-old in the club's pool.
  • $1.2 MILLION Electrocution death of construction worker due to low power lines.
  • $1.150 MILLION For widow and son for medical malpractice against a hospital.
  • $1.138 MILLION Pedestrian hit and killed in an intersection under construction.
  • $1.1 MILLION E cigarette claim against Samsung. Leg burns, psychological injuries for man. E cigarette blew up in his pants pocket.
  • $1.1 MILLION Boating accident.
  • $1.1 MILLION Construction site death due to fall from scaffold.
  • $1.0 MILLION Settlement for 70 year for multiple injuries-uninsured motorist claim.
  • $1.0 MILLION Settlement for handicapped young adult for failure to treat - wrongful death.
  • $1.0 MILLION Employee inured on construction site when tractor fell into ditch and landed on worker.
  • $1.0 MILLION Medical Malpractice settlement involving birth related injuries sustained by a minor child due to misdiagnosis.
  • $1.0 MILLION Patient suffered impotence and sexual dysfunction due to medical malpractice.
  • $1.0 MILLION Female bus driver died due to collision with tow truck in Virginia.
  • $1.0 MILLION Father killed in tractor trailer accident.
  • $1.0 MILLION Physician misdiagnosed patient's tumor.
  • $1.0 MILLION Veterans Administration (VA) Hospital misdiagnosed bladder cancer.
  • $1.0 MILLION Taxi driver injured in automobile accident.
  • $1.0 MILLION Automobile collision resulting in injury to 16-year-old child.
  • $1.0 MILLION Head-on automobile collision.
  • $1.0 MILLION Patient suffered brain injuries due to improperly administered anesthesia.
  • $1.0 MILLION Jury verdict against major automobile manufacturer in SUV rollover action.
  • $1.0 MILLION Injuries suffered by family due to smoke inhalation and minor burns.
  • $1.0 MILLION Wrongful death of construction worker due to unsafe work place.
  • $1.0 MILLION Patient suffered heart damage due to misdiagnosed heart attack.
  • $1.0 MILLION Electrocution death of 13-year-old-boy due to overgrown tree in power lines.
  • $1.0 MILLION Wrongful death due to head-on automobile collision.
  • $950,000.00 Radiologist misdiagnosed patient's tumor.
  • $950,000.00 Passenger of pleasure boat fractured vertebrae in boating accident.
  • $875,000.00 Automobile accident resulting in organic brain injury.
  • $850,000.00 Passengers injured in a land excursion oversees.
  • $790,000.00 Employee electrocuted to death during construction of a Motel.
  • $750,000.00 Physician administered improper medication resulting in death to patient.
  • $700,000.00 Wrongful death action against owner of bar/restaurant for serving liquor to intoxicated man.
  • $650,000.00 Medical malpractice action against rehabilitation facility for negligent debridement.
  • $600,000.00 Child suffered permanent hearing loss due to overmedication.
  • $600,000.00 Settlement involving a wrongful death auto accident.
  • $635,000.00 Employee injured on construction job site.
  • $597,000.00 Wrongful death of an infant child. Recovery capped by law.
  • $525,000.00 Elderly female slipped and fell over parking stop in parking lot.
  • $500,000.00 Slip and fall resulting in foot injury.
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