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Aviation Accidents in Florida

2014 was not the best year for the airline industry, it seems. Despite the seemingly large number commercial airline failures last year, 2014 earned the title of safest year for flying. Air fatalities raised a bit overall, but more than half of the deaths were attributed to two commercial airline crashes. Regardless of the statistics, people will always be afraid of flying, rational or not. The sheer speed, weight, force, and height of a plane makes any injuries catastrophic, most often resulting in death. Smaller planes are even more susceptible to crashes. According to the National Transportation Safety Board study in 2011, 94% of aviation accidents that resulted in death were in private planes or smaller, amateur flown planes. No commercial airlines had fatal accidents in that year.

Private Plane Dangers

Even though plane manufacture, design, and mechanical error can play a part in small plane accidents, many such accidents can be attributed to human error. An amateur pilot may be using a plane he is unfamiliar piloting or be ill-equipped to deal with an emergency situation. The Federal Aviation Administration sets the minimum requirements for those seeking a pilot’s license, but despite the rigorous training pilots undergo, accidents still happen. Not everyone attends an FAA-approved pilot school or takes optional advanced certification classes. While these things may not be required, they certainly increase the possibility of smooth landings and take-offs, particularly when traveling in small, private planes.

Just recently a small plane in southern Florida hit a power line after take-off, resulting in the deaths of the pilot and all three passengers. Flying is a popular hobby in always-sunny Florida and thousands of people enjoy private flights every year and remain safe. It is important to note that not all plane accidents are fatal. A collision on the runway before/after takeoff, pilot negligence, flight service problems, or air traffic control negligence can all contribute to accidents, whether it be a private or commercial flight. A pilot, an airline, and all of the ground crew members have a legal duty to act reasonably and competently in performing their duties. If for any reason they fail to do so, and you suffer injury or death as a result, they may be held liable.

Miami, Florida Aviation Accident Attorneys

Utilizing mass transit makes you susceptible to the possibility of catastrophic accidents. Although you made a decision to participate in a certain mode of transportation, that does not mean that you lose your legal rights. Death or serious injury can result from aviation accidents, which may result in people facing steep medical bills, rehabilitation, permanent disability, wage loss, or loss of enjoyment or life. When a passenger is injured on a commercial or private airplane due to someone else’s negligence, the injured individual may be able to recover these expenses by filing a lawsuit against the proper people. The experienced Miami aviation attorneys at Alan Goldfarb P.A. will explore every possible avenue for recovery to ensure you receive the maximum compensation you are entitled to by law. Contact our Miami, Florida-based office to learn more about your rights today.

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