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Car Seating Controversy: Which is the Safest Seat?

The answer to that question depends on a number of things, from the weight, height, and age of the passengers, the type of vehicle involved, and the speed at which the vehicle is going at the time of an accident. Friends fight over who gets “stuck” in the middle rear seat, people chase each other just to get “shotgun,” and it seems no one ever wants to drive; but who is making the safest play in these scenarios? Across the board, the rear seat is the safest place for children. As for adults, new studies indicate that sitting in the rear can have safety consequences that make the front seat a much safer choice.

Back Seat Concerns

Though car safety has improved drastically over the past several decades with the advent of curtain airbags, improved seat belt resistance, and other new technologies that improved the productivity of pre-existing safety measures, there is still much left to be desired in the way of safety in modern vehicles. According to a recent study, it is more likely for an adult to be killed when sitting in the back seat of the car rather than the front. While there are many possible explanations for this trend, one reason is that adults sitting in rear seats are generally less likely to wear seatbelts than those sitting in the front seat. Florida, like many states, does not require back seat passengers to wear seatbelts by law, but that does not mean it is not still best practice to buckle up.

Children and Seating Arrangements

Despite concerns regarding adult safety in the back seat, the back seat is still the best place for children. Infants must ride in a rear-facing child car seat in the back seat, children under seven years of age must be secured in a federally-approved child car seat, and children should not ride in the front seat until they are over thirteen years of age. The concerns with children (and, similarly, the elderly) in the front seat stem from the possibility of airbag deployment. Though the presence of airbags makes the front seat a safer choice for adults, small children may suffer great injuries from the sheer force of an airbag deploying and should remain in the backseat until at least the age of thirteen.

Miami, Florida Auto Accident Attorneys

Car accidents are terrifying and can be emotionally and financially burdensome on a family. At Alan Goldfarb, P.A., our experienced auto accident attorneys know how to approach an auto accident case and tailor our litigation strategy depending on your unique set of circumstances. Even if you were not wearing a seatbelt, were distracted, or were somehow partially at fault for your accident, you may still be able to receive compensation under the law. Understanding what your legal rights and responsibilities are after a car accident in Florida is the first step to determining whether you have a viable legal claim. Contact our Miami office to learn more about your legal rights today.

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