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Commercial Airline Accidents

Commercial airlines provide one of the safest and fastest ways to travel. In fact, the latest global airline safety report reported that there were a total of 90 commercial airlines accidents in 2013; and only nine of the 90 accidents were fatal. Additionally, a complex set of federal and state laws regulate airlines to ensure air travel is safe. Despite these regulations, however, commercial airline accidents occur. These accidents and crashes affect multiple people and cause devastating injuries and fatalities.

Commercial Airlines Have the Highest Duty of Care

Airplanes are typically considered common carriers. Florida defines a common carrier as a business that represents to the public that its business is the transportation of people or cargo from one place to another for money. The law places a very high standard of care on common carriers. Under Florida law, commercial airliners have a duty of reasonable care because they are common carriers. The standard of care is increased for commercial airliners because they have a responsibility to ensure that the public can fly safely. Consequently, commercial airlines have the highest duty and the law obligates commercial airlines to be vigilant about the safety of passengers.

Accidents and Airline Crashes Still Occur

Even when commercial airlines are vigilant and take steps to ensure passenger safety, accidents occur. While it is not possible discover the cause of a commercial airline accident, typical causes include:

  • Defective landing gear;
  • Errors fueling the aircraft;
  • Failure to comply with FAA regulations;
  • Air traffic control error;
  • Pilot error;
  • Overloading the plane,;
  • Poorly trained staff;
  • Defective navigation instruments;
  • Poor security screening; and
  • Other design defects.

When a commercial airline fails to meet the expected standard of care and passengers are injured, the airline should be expected to compensate victims for their losses. Commercial airlines are required to carry insurance for crashes and accidents on board the aircraft. However, the insurance may not provide the coverage needed to fully recover from an accident. Victims of commercial airline accident may require lifelong physical and psychological therapy. In the case of death, the victim’s family deserves compensation for pain suffering and loss of income.

Victims of Commercial Airline Accidents Deserve Compensation

Commercial airline accidents are rare, but when they do occur they often cause devastating injuries to passengers. Commercial airline accident claims are complex and they require an understanding of state and federal law. Furthermore, it can be hard to determine the cause of an injury. Navigating a personal injury or wrongful death claim involving a commercial airline accident requires the skill of an aviation accident attorney.

Victims of Commercial Airline Accidents Deserve Compensation

If you were injured in a commercial airline accident, you may have the right to compensation for your losses. Alan Goldfarb, P.A. has successful experience in personal injury law and can help you recover compensation. The experienced Miami aviation attorneys at our firm can provide you and your loved ones with advice and counsel on your legal options after a commercial airline accident. Contact us to schedule a free consultation with our office by calling (305)-371-3111.

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