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Tag Archives: Defective Pharmaceuticals


Is Big Pharma Accountable For The Opioid Epidemic?

By Alan Goldfarb, P.A. |

A lawsuit filed by Palm Bay City Hall could open up the floodgates for personal injury lawsuits in the state for those who have become addicted to prescription pain-management medication. Palm Bay will be the first city in the State of Florida to sue the pharmaceutical companies that they feel are responsible for America’s… Read More »

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Off-label Use of Zofran: The Risks

By Alan Goldfarb, P.A. |

There is an increasing number of lawsuits being filed over the off-label use of Zofran. The lawsuits come in the wake of recent studies and reports that Zofran may cause birth defects if taken during pregnancy. Originally, Zofran was created and intended as a powerful anti-nausea medicine for use by chemotherapy patients and surgery… Read More »

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