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Tag Archives: Slip and Fall Injuries


Man Slips On Banana Peel At Walmart

By Alan Goldfarb, P.A. |

In a recent lawsuit in Florida, a Fort Lauderdale man has filed a personal injury lawsuit for a slip and fall against the retail giant Walmart. The lawsuit is notable because the man specifically names the manager on duty, whose name has not been released. Walmart has, in turn, filed a motion to have… Read More »

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Premises Liability in Florida: A Primer

By Alan Goldfarb, P.A. |

Premises liability is a frequently utilized, but not often understood legal claim in civil law. This area of the law deals with injuries or accidents that occur on the property of another. This extends far beyond tripping and falling on someone else’s land; it can include inadequate security, hazing incidents, or negligent exposure cases… Read More »

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