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Miami Personal Injury Attorney > Blog > Bridge Collapse > Contractors in FIU Bridge Collapse Fined for Safety Violations

Contractors in FIU Bridge Collapse Fined for Safety Violations


The contractors who designed the FIU bridge that collapsed killing 6 people and injured 9 others have been cited by federal authorities for rampant workplace and safety violations. On top of likely being on the hook for millions of dollars in wrongful death lawsuits and other injury settlements, the construction companies that employed the “rapid construction” process that ultimately proved fatal also will be facing fines for cutting corners in workplace safety measures.

According to the Occupational Health and Safety Administration, at least five companies were cited for not providing their employees with a safety line or remove their workers from the area when large cracks began to develop in the bridge.

For those who lost family members in the collapse, this comes as a welcome sign that at least someone is holding these companies responsible for not responding quickly enough to signs that a collapse was imminent. One worker was among the six individuals killed in the collapse and five others were seriously injured. One, Kevin Hanson, sustained a serious brain injury.

What Does This Mean for Plaintiffs in FIU Bridge Collapse Lawsuits

While there is an investigation still underway, the levies imposed by OSHA can be an indication of progress toward official findings. That OSHA found fault with the way these construction companies handled the news that the there were cracks in the bridge is telling. That OSHA was able to find that safety standards had lapsed to the point where these companies deserved to be fined bodes well for the plaintiffs in lawsuits against the construction companies.

At issue is the practicality of the rapid development method that was used to construct the bridge. While indeed, the bridge was constructed incredibly quickly, that speed seemed to come at the expense at the safety both the public and the company’s employees.

OSHA: “Companies Failed to Take Appropriate Action”

According to OSHA, the companies involved in the bridge’s construction failed to take adequate safety measures on the day that the bridge collapsed. The investigation found that the companies exposed their employees to fall hazards and allowed their employees to connect to a safety line that was improperly installed.

NTSB Still Conducting the Investigation

The notoriously methodical National Transportation and Safety Board is spearheading the investigation into the collapse. Much will depend on the NTSB’s finding though their tendency is to take a very long time to reach these conclusions. Criminal charges are still not out of the question and it is very likely that personal injury lawsuits will be allowed to move forward.

Alan Goldfarb Represents Victims in the FIU Bridge Collapse

The Miami law office of Alan Goldfarb P.A. is currently representing family members who lost loved ones and those injured in FIU bridge collapse. It is our opinion that the rapid development used by the bridge companies likely caused the project to be rushed and this resulted in the bridge’s collapse.

If you’ve been injured by another’s negligence, give our firm a call or contact us online to set up an appointed. We can help you recover damages for your injuries.




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