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Regulation Requires Commercial Truck Operators To Electronically Record Time On The Road

By Alan Goldfarb |

The National Transportation Safety Board conducted a study of 182 commercial truck accidents and discovered that 31 percent of these major collisions involved a truck operator who was fatigued, according to the New York Times. The prevalence of fatigued commercial truck operators served as a basis for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration establishing… Read More »


Regulations Can Help Make Or Break A Truck Accident Injury Case

By Alan Goldfarb |

When someone is injured in an accident involving a large commercial truck or big rig, there is a litany of state and federal regulations that may come into play affecting the liability of the truck driver and their employer. This is why truck accident litigation is considered to be some of the most complex… Read More »

Legal Claim helps 18 Wheeler Accident Victims Recover

By Alan Goldfarb |

Everyday Floridians share the road with large 18-wheeler trucks. The size of the truck makes them dangerous and destructive if they are not handled properly. In fact, some of the worst accidents on the road involve a collision with large trucks. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) reported that there were 5.6 million… Read More »

Trucking Accidents: A Big Problem for Florida

By Alan Goldfarb |

Truck accidents can be extremely devastating for all parties involved. For one, these massive trucks are often many times the size of regular passenger cars, thus increasing the potential for catastrophic damage. Furthermore, these accidents generally occur at highway speeds, which can lead to serious injuries and property damage. Florida is not immune to… Read More »

Trucking Accidents: What You Need to Know

By Alan Goldfarb |

With trucks on Florida roads weighing up to 40 tons and resting on 18 tires, it is no wonder that injuries related to trucking accidents are usually catastrophic. Despite every precaution road engineers, weigh stations, and truck drivers may take, accidents still happen. Just last week, a Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida man lost his… Read More »

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