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Trucking Accidents: A Big Problem for Florida

Truck accidents can be extremely devastating for all parties involved. For one, these massive trucks are often many times the size of regular passenger cars, thus increasing the potential for catastrophic damage. Furthermore, these accidents generally occur at highway speeds, which can lead to serious injuries and property damage.

Florida is not immune to this big problem. A 2012 study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration showed that among the 50 states, Florida has the third highest number of fatal crashes involving big-rigs. In fact, of all the fatal crashes in Florida, 5.7% involved a large truck. The numbers are that high for several reasons. Florida has over 83,000 miles of roads, and those roads are full of big trucks delivering goods and transporting merchandise from one end of the state to any given point in the country. This large number of accidents involving trucks has prompted some in Washington to think about making changes to the trucking industry.

Government Agency Proposes Insurance Hike

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is charged with reducing crashes, injuries, and fatalities on the road with large vehicles like trucks and buses. There are many resources at the agency’s disposal to accomplish this, including the ability to help pass and enforce regulations related to large trucks. One such proposed regulation by the agency is to increase the amount of insurance that eighteen-wheelers must carry to drive on the roads. Currently, general freight carriers are only required to carry $750,000 in insurance coverage. If the agency has its way, however, that requirement could be bumped up to $1,000,000.

A bump in coverage would be to cover the ever increasing medical costs of accidents with big rigs. Catastrophic accidents in particular can easily cost a victim more than $750,000. Of course, this number can increase significantly if the accident results in death, as survivors may be required to cover the costs of medical bills and hospital stays, funeral and burial costs, and the difficulty associated with lost earnings. Furthermore, survivors may also experience damages associated with pain and suffering and loss of consortium, as well.

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The stark reality is that anyone driving on the road can get in an accident with a big truck, and that can be catastrophic. The busy roads and crowded traffic of the Miami area can be especially dangerous to drivers of regular cars. Victims of large truck accidents need the help of an experienced and professional law firm that dedicates its practice to large truck accidents. The attorneys at Alan Goldfarb, P.A. are prepared to help ensure you recover the compensation you deserve after your accident in Miami.

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