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The Importance of Home Security

The world is full of both homeowners and renters. Each has its perks and downfalls, and most people prefer one over the other. Homeowners do not waste money renting a place, but they also are responsible for the upkeep of the home, as well as the yard. Renters may not be putting any money toward a long term investment, but they are only required to live on the premises, and they can pass their issues along to their landlords. These landlords are responsible for fixing leaks, keeping rodents out, and ensuring that the tenants are safe in their homes.

When The Home Isn’t Safe

One of the most important jobs a landlord has is making sure that they keep the building and the grounds safe for their residents. This includes maintaining the front gate, the locks on the doors, and whatever other security systems are in place. If one of these things falls by the wayside, any number of horrible incidents could happen. Sometimes the worst case scenario could even happen. It did in Florida in 2005.

Clara and Chauncey Sanders lived in the Gatehouse on the Green Apartments in 2005. Chauncey was in his senior year of high school while Clara was taking care of her three month old son and in school to be an architect. One day in September, an intruder came into the complex, went to the siblings’ apartment, and shot and killed them. It was later learned that the entrance gate to the complex was broken for about four months. Suspiciously, the gate was fixed the very next day.

The family of the siblings sued the owner of the apartments, claiming negligent security was the cause of their deaths. Unfortunately, the case is ongoing, 11 years later. There have been multiple motions, jury decisions, and new lawyers over the years, and the family has been awarded damages only to have them taken away or put on hold. Most recently, in 2015, the family celebrated a jury award in the Florida Supreme Court. The jury found they were entitled to $1.8 million. However, on June 28, the Fourth District granted the owner of the apartment’s motion for a rehearing, and now the case is set to continue until September. This comes at a terrible time, as it seemed that the 11-year-old case was finally coming to an end. Despite evidence that would seem to point to negligent security, the family will have to wait a while longer before they get an answer, and can finally begin to put this behind them.

Contact Us for Help

As tragic as the occurrences are, they do happen. There are many small things that could go wrong, or be left not taken care of, that could lead to someone getting into your home or apartment. If something is stolen from you, your home is broken into, or someone is injured by an intruder, Contact us at the office of Alan Goldfarb, P.A. in Miami. Our attorneys will help you figure out what your options are, whether it is filing suit against your landlord for negligent security or filing against the person who committed the offense. Either way, we will help you take your next steps.

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