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Cardiology Medical Devices and Personal Injury

Defective medical devices can result in serious personal injury to patients, and sometimes these injuries can be fatal. In these cases, a patient or family member of the patient may wish to seek legal assistance in order to collect compensation for medical care or other related costs. Bard IVC filters, for instance, represent devices that may travel from its initial insertion point to the heart, causing damage. This has resulted in many injuries and even deaths, and some of these cases have been successfully handled by personal injury lawyers.

The Rising Risk of IVC Filters

Cardiology medical devices may help prevent many aspects of cardiovascular disease, including stroke. IVC filters, for example, are designed to prevent blood clots. While these devices can often be quite effective for many patients, they can also present some issues when they migrate from their original insertion position. Bard IVC filters have presented some health issues, but the company has repeatedly failed to provide a recall for its products. Even the company’s improved filters have presented similar threatening issues to patients.

The medical industry has seen its fair share of legal cases. Plaintiffs with such companies allege that these products are defective and pose a continual health threat to patients if the product can’t be retrieved successfully. Many patients have taken legal action to try and garner compensation from manufacturers in order to pay for medical care and other related costs associated with their injuries. Cook Medical, another company that produces IVC filters, has recently been sued by a woman who experienced an injury from their product.

Medical Devices and Personal Injury: What Patients Should Know

Patients who have been injured by a medical device should know they have the right to seek compensation from the manufacturer. This compensation can help pay for any medical care or distress experienced by the patient. Cases such as these also force companies to recall products, which hopefully results in improved, safer medical device designs in the future. Therefore, seeking legal action for a medical device injury is not only practical and personal, but it’s also helpful for countless patients who will require these devices later down the road. Personal injury lawyers are crucial for handling such cases, and finding one that specializes in medical devices and product liabilities may be the best route of action to take.

Let Alan Goldfarb P.A. Trial Attorneys Help You

The Miami attorneys at the office of Alan Goldfarb P.A. focus on personal injury and medical malpractice. Our trained personal injury lawyers are experienced working with medical device cases. We understand that our clients may require financial rewards to help cover medical costs, and we aim to help our clients receive the compensation they deserve. If you’ve been injured from a medical device or product and you want to discuss possible legal actions you can take, call our Miami-based personal injury attorneys at 305-371-3111. We’re here to discuss the details of your case and help you find the best action plan you can take to be successful.

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