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Miami Personal Injury Attorney > Blog > Auto Accidents > Understanding Hit and Run Accidents in Florida

Understanding Hit and Run Accidents in Florida

Victims of hit and run car accidents often suffer severe injuries that permanently change their lives. Hit and run accidents are particularly dangerous since it may take longer for victims to receive help for their injuries when a driver leaves the scene of the accident. In many cases, the driver who caused the accident may never be found. The victim is then left to pay for ongoing physical and psychological rehabilitation with little or no assistance. If you have been injured in a hit and run accident, it is important for you to know your rights for obtaining a full recovery.

Hit and Run Car Accidents

Florida law requires a driver who causes a crash to stop at the scene of the accident and provide aid to victims. The driver must also provide contact and insurance information to accident victims and the police. Sadly, some drivers will not stop when they cause an accident. There are many causes for hit and run accidents, however, many accidents occur when a driver:

  • Exceeds the speed limits;
  • Drives while intoxicated; or
  • Does not realize they have struck another person.

Holding Negligent Drivers Accountable

If you were in a hit and run accident, you may not always be able to hold the other driver accountable for your injuries. To be sure, some drivers are never located. However, this does not mean you have no options. You can seek compensation through your own insurance. Florida is a no fault state, which means that all drivers are required to have personal injury protection, or PIP, coverage. PIP insurance will cover many expenses related to your accident such as medical costs and lost wages. You may also have other insurance coverage that may be able to cover the costs of damage and injuries.

If the driver is located, you can hold the driver responsible for your harm by proving negligence. A driver is negligent when they fail to act with the care a reasonable driver would use to avoid risking harm to others. You will need to demonstrate the other driver’s failure to exercise care caused your injuries and that you incurred damages because of these injuries. Additionally, many hit and run accidents happen when the driver is intoxicated. In cases such as these, you may base your claim on the fact that the driver is negligent because they violated drunk driving laws.

Hit and Run Accident Victims Deserve Compensation

It can be difficult to recover from a hit and run accident when you cannot locate the driver responsible for your injuries. However, if you need assistance recovering compensation for your damages, don’t hesitate to contact the Miami car accident lawyers at the office of Alan Goldfarb, P.A. We can help you file a claim with the relevant insurance company, or even a lawsuit should you find the individual liable for the crash. Contact us today to speak with us about your accident.

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