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Understanding Florida Personal Injury Protection Laws


If you or a family member was involved in an automobile accident, you may have significant property damage, bodily injuries, lost income and other harms and losses. These harms can quickly put a tremendous amount of financial strain on you and your family. This is where personal injury protection benefits come into play.

Overview of Personal Injury Protection Benefits

According to Florida Statute ┬ž 627.736, personal injury protection (commonly referred to as PIP) is a type of no-fault insurance coverage that will help pay your medical bills and lost wages in the event of a car accident.

PIP Provides Broad Coverage

PIP benefits are not limited to an injured driver or the owner of the vehicle involved in the collision. Obviously, if you did own the car, your PIP coverage will apply. If you did not own the vehicle involved in the crash, you can still access PIP coverage if the owner of the vehicle involved in the wreck is a relative. If you were a passenger in another vehicle, you are also covered under the vehicle’s PIP policy, as long as you either own a vehicle or reside with someone who owns a vehicle.

Pedestrians and Bicyclists Could Be Covered under PIP

Pedestrians and bicyclists involved in accidents may still be able to access PIP benefits. The key factor is whether they own a vehicle or live with a relative who owns a car. If they do, then they can access benefits through their own PIP policy. If they do not, they can still access PIP benefits from the policy of the driver that hit them.

Get Medical Treatment Right Away

If you were involved in a serious collision, it is critical that you go see a doctor right away. Why? Because if you fail to seek medical treatment within 14 days of the accident, you cannot obtain PIP benefits. This does not mean that you have to visit an emergency room. In fact, a chiropractor and other medical professionals are suitable treaters and their care is covered under PIP.

Florida’s PIP law simply requires that medical care be provided by a designated medical doctor, chiropractor, hospital, and/or emergency medical service. However, Florida’s PIP laws do not cover treatment provided by a holistic medical practitioner like an acupuncturist or massage therapist.

Speak to an Experienced Miami Car Accident Attorney Right Away

PIP benefits can get confusing, especially if you receive a letter or notice from an insurance company claiming to deny your request for benefits. You may also have damages in excess of Florida’s PIP limits of $10,000. In these situations, you need the counsel of an experienced Miami car accident lawyer. The law firm of Alan Goldfarb, P.A. can help. Our team of attorneys possesses decades of experience representing people seriously injured in major car wrecks. Contact our office today to schedule a free initial consultation. During the consultation, you will get to meet with an attorney and talk about your potential case. If it makes sense to move forward, we can do so.



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