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Faulty Airbag Lawsuit to Be Heard in Southern Florida

Many individuals are aware of the stories involving faulty airbags across the country. For several years now these faulty airbags allegedly have caused very serious injuries due to a violent explosion that occurs during deployment. Even in small accidents, some reports indicate that when the airbags deploy, they send a blast of metal shrapnel towards the person the airbag is meant to protect. Obviously, this is a major problem, and it has spurred action by government regulators and carmakers alike.

Faulty Airbags Across the Country

Many of the major carmakers are recalling their vehicles so the faulty airbags can be replaced. For example, Honda, is recalling more than five million cars due to faulty airbags. The recalls include some of Honda’s most popular vehicles from a long span of years. Pilots, Civics, and Accords are being recalled if they were manufactured in a time when the faulty airbags were used. There are nine other major carmakers recalling cars as well, including Ford, Toyota, Subaru, Nissan, and others.

Beyond carmakers, the federal government is getting involved as well. Regulators at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration issued several orders to the company that makes the airbags in question. The company was put on notice that they are to preserve evidence that may be needed in later cases. The NHTSA is also taking formal steps to investigate the company by conducting an engineering test of the airbags. The federal agency is also fining the company up to $14,000 a day until the company begins to cooperate as the agency wishes.

Faulty Airbags in Florida

It should come as a surprise to no one that many of the carmakers, as well as the airbag manufacturer itself, are being sued. And Florida is the location where the major faulty airbags lawsuit will be heard. It was recently decided that U.S. District Judge Federico Moreno from the Southern District of Florida will preside over the cases. There are more than 70 cases that accuse the airbag maker and carmakers of wrongdoing. The cases allege that the company knew of the risks, but continued to make the airbags in any event. In addition, the plaintiffs are suing for lost value of cars that are affected by the faulty airbags.

A Florida resident recently filed a lawsuit against Honda and the company for injuries sustained during a car accident in 2011. The complaint alleges that the airbag exploded with too much force after the crash, and caused severe injuries to the driver’s arm. As with many of the lawsuits now pending, this southern Florida suit alleges that Honda knew about the faulty airbags when they sold the car.

Products Liability

All of these case fall under the laws of products liability. In a nutshell, companies are required to ensure that they products they manufacture, distribute, and sell are safe for the consuming public. When a product is dangerous, and injures the consumer, products liability law requires the companies involved to pay for the resulting injuries. At Alan Goldfarb, P.A., we can help you if you have been injured in the Miami area. Call us today for a consultation.

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