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Walmart Sued in Premises Liability Case

By Alan Goldfarb |

There’s no shortage of lawsuits leveled at Walmart. Most of these are premises liability suits in which a customer alleges that a dangerous condition within the store caused them to slip, trip, or fall. Sometimes these lawsuits are valid and other times they aren’t. But they can be instructive of what constitutes a valid… Read More »


Should EA Sports be Responsible for the Madden Shooting in Jacksonville?

By Alan Goldfarb |

It’s not always easy to be a personal injury lawsuit. Sometimes people think of us as ambulance chasers or think we invent problems where there aren’t any. You’re probably thinking that the case against EA Sports is very likely one of those “frivolous lawsuits” that you hear politicians bemoaning as they present their strategy… Read More »


Man Shot Six Times Wins Premises Liability Lawsuit

By Alan Goldfarb |

Dennis Gore was visiting a North Miami Beach apartment complex when he was shot six times. In 2014, Gore had left a flag football game and went to his mother’s apartment where he and a friend watched the NBA playoffs. Gore left later to get a compression bandage at a local Walgreens. Upon leaving… Read More »


Orlando Walmart Hit With Premises Liability Suit

By Alan Goldfarb |

An Orlando woman is suing Walmart in a premises liability lawsuit. The woman claims that she tripped and fell over a shopping cart as she was walking through an aisle. The woman is further alleging that, as a result of the accident, she sustained: Bodily injuries Medical bills Pain and suffering Emotional anguish Lost… Read More »

Bar Fight Injuries – Who’s Liable?

By Alan Goldfarb |

Around the holidays, many of us make the most of our opportunities to get together for celebrations with friends and family. Attending happy hours and holiday parties at a local bar is something that many of us look forward to doing, and these outings and occasions can certainly be a fun time for everyone… Read More »

The Importance of Home Security

By Alan Goldfarb |

The world is full of both homeowners and renters. Each has its perks and downfalls, and most people prefer one over the other. Homeowners do not waste money renting a place, but they also are responsible for the upkeep of the home, as well as the yard. Renters may not be putting any money… Read More »

Negligent Security Litigation in Florida

By Alan Goldfarb |

Businesses, restaurants, hotels, and other places that make themselves available for public use have many legal obligations to their patrons, customers, and clientele. One of these obligations is a duty of reasonable care pertaining to the safety of guests on the premises. This duty manifests itself in a need to keep the premises clean,… Read More »

Personal Injury Cases at Florida Amusement Parks

By Alan Goldfarb |

Just because an activity is dangerous does not mean you lose your legal rights when you choose to participate. We live in Florida. We love the sun and we love our Disney. Florida boasts some of the most extravagant amusement parks and attractions in the world—people travel from all over to ride the coasters… Read More »

Premises Liability in Florida: A Primer

By Alan Goldfarb |

Premises liability is a frequently utilized, but not often understood legal claim in civil law. This area of the law deals with injuries or accidents that occur on the property of another. This extends far beyond tripping and falling on someone else’s land; it can include inadequate security, hazing incidents, or negligent exposure cases… Read More »

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