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Miami Personal Injury Attorney > Blog > Accidents > Tesla Reveals Autopilot Isn’t Dangerous—Experts Disagree

Tesla Reveals Autopilot Isn’t Dangerous—Experts Disagree

The new Tesla automobile that has Autopilot-enabled features has recently been all over the news, featuring the fatal accident that took the life of a driver of the car while it had the Autopilot feature turned on. Recently, the manufacturer has said this new technology is not the cause of the crash or the subsequent fatality. Experts disagree and believe Autopilot to be an innovative tool that still requires appropriate testing and regulations in order to be implemented safely in cars. Personal injury attorneys may see their fair share of cases involving this new technology unless more safety standards are undertaken within the automobile industry.

Are Cars with Autopilot Dangerous?

A recent story reporting the fatal crash involving an automobile driver using the Autopilot feature of the new Tesla has seen quite a bit of coverage in the press. Tesla Motors, following an investigation by the Senate, has reported that, contrary to popular belief, it wasn’t the Autopilot feature that was at fault. Instead, the crash-prevention system and brakes were the main features that caused the death of the driver using Autopilot at the time of the accident. From this report, it appears as though Tesla considers the automatic braking system to be a separate entity from its Autopilot feature, and further explanation on the part of the car manufacturer has yet to be reported.

According to an auto research firm, both the brakes and the Autopilot system are supposed to work synergistically to prevent accidents from happening. So, despite what Tesla says, many consider the Autopilot, as a whole, to be at fault in the deadly crash. Tesla’s motives for its claims may be to minimize the perceived risks of Autopilot. In fact, the manufacturer believes it to be a lifesaving technology. While this may be true in some instances, it’s also important to remember that this technology requires many more years of research and hands-on usage to improve its safety. Many experts, including personal injury attorneys, believe that this could be a wrong move and will cause preventable accidents, some fatal, in the future.

Personal Injury and Automobiles

When it comes to Autopilot technology in automobiles, it’s best to reserve caution until it has been proven to be as safe as it claims to be. This could help reduce the incidence of personal injury across the country. Many of the recent technological advancements in the automobile industry may be helpful, but things like cameras and automatic steering have seen their fair share of accidents. People who are injured as a result of these accidents have the right to seek compensation from the manufacturer in order to gather the financial assistance they need for medical costs or automobile repair.

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