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Nutribullet Blenders Explode, Claims Lawsuit


The manufacturer of Nutribullet blenders is facing a class-action lawsuit claiming that their blenders are dangerous and cause injuries. The lawsuit alleges that Nutribullet blenders have a design defect that makes them dangerous and increases the likelihood that they will explode. The lawsuit also alleges that they failed to warn customers about the potential danger.

The lawsuit essentially claims that the blades move so quickly that they can heat up the contents of the blender enough to cause the device to explode. The plaintiffs will be seeking money damages from the manufacturer of Nutribullet and hope to get the product either pulled from the market or placed there with substantial warnings.

Plaintiffs also allege that Nutribullet knew about the defect and then intentionally failed to disclose it to either government regulators or potential customers. This is exactly the sort of allegation that costs companies millions (and sometimes billions) in punitive damages.

The Device has a Safety Feature

Nutribullet warns that their blenders should not be used for more than 60 seconds at a time. It also says that if the device becomes too hot, it has a safety feature that should kick in and shut down the blending process. But because of the speed of the blade, plaintiffs claim that the device can explode much sooner than 60 seconds, even when the customer uses it correctly. The lawsuit claims that the contents of the blender can become so pressurized that the blender explodes spewing steaming hot contents all over the room as well as pieces of the blender itself.

Even in cases where the canister does not explode, the pressure inside can make the canister lid difficult to remove. In these cases, when the user jiggers the canister, it can fly off the device producing another danger. The contents of the cannister, once depressurized, can also shoot out into the user’s face. So can the blade. So if all these allegations are true, then we may be looking at one of the most dangerous products ever placed into the field of commerce.

I’ve Never Had One Problem With my Nutribullet! 

No, neither did the plaintiffs in this class-action until one day, they did. One woman who is now a part of the class-action says that she had her Nutribullet for over 2 years before one day, she noticed something going wrong with the seals a moment before the device spewed hot liquid on her. She had to be treated at the hospital for burn injuries. She ended up missing time from work and incurring over $6,000 in medical expenses.

Talk to a Miami Dangerous Product Liability Attorney Today 

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