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Riviera Police the Target of Car Accident Lawsuit

By Alan Goldfarb |

The Riviera Beach police department has been targeted in a negligence lawsuit after chasing an SUV that ran a stop sign early in 2017. The man injured, Domonique Washington, was left with permanent brain damage and other severe life-altering injuries. Washington, who had recently celebrated the birth of his son, was a personal trainer… Read More »


Family of Slain Motorcyclist Pushes for Stiffer Vision Standards

By Alan Goldfarb |

The family of Sean Parke, a Fort Myers teen who was killed in an auto accident, is pushing for stricter laws concerning vision tests and drivers. The young man was hit when a 78-year-old motorist, who is legally considered blind, struck his motorcycle in 2014. Although Florida is technically considered a no-fault state as… Read More »


Detroit Sues Over No-Fault Insurance Law

By Alan Goldfarb |

No-fault insurance is one of those ideas that look good on paper. Instead of carrying liability protection, each driver carries personal injury protection. When an accident ensues, they go to their own insurance company which covers any injuries that may result. In theory, this is great. The bill, which was sponsored by notable politician… Read More »


Injured In An Accident Involving A Company Car – Can You Recover Damages?

By Alan Goldfarb |

Each day, thousands of employees in and around Miami use and operate employer-provided vehicles to conduct business and complete key tasks and assignments (e.g., tractor-trailer operators, cab drivers, delivery truck drivers, etc.). So, what happens if you are hurt in an accident where the reckless driver who hit you does not own the company… Read More »


What Happens In Florida When An Uninsured Driver Causes An Accident?

By Alan Goldfarb |

This happens more frequently than it should. An unsuspecting motorist is involved in a car accident caused by another driver that does not have insurance. While Florida has stiff penalties for driving uninsured, that doesn’t prevent some motorists from allowing their coverage to lapse. According to reports issued by the Florida Insurance Council, Florida… Read More »


Texting And Driving Safety Bill Advances In Florida Legislature

By Alan Goldfarb |

A piece of legislation that would make texting and driving a primary offense unanimously passed through the House of Representatives in Florida, according to Miami 7 News. House Bill 33 would give Florida police officers the authority to stop motorists when they are spotted texting while driving. Florida Lagging Behind the Rest of the… Read More »


Multi-Vehicle Accident In Pembroke Pines Results In Multiple Injuries

By Alan Goldfarb |

When vehicles collide, even at relatively modest rates of speed, the damage inflicted upon the drivers and passengers in the vehicle can be quite severe. Take, for example, the four-vehicle collision that occurred in Pembroke Pines. The operator of a 2009 Chrysler approached the intersection of University Drive and Johnson Street when they crashed… Read More »


Hit By A Motorist With No Auto Insurance? Important Actions You Can Take

By Alan Goldfarb |

Every motorist in Florida is required to carry some form of automobile insurance. Despite this legal requirement, the percentage of uninsured drivers in Florida is a shocking 26.7 percent. That is the highest percentage total of uninsured motorists in the entire country, according to the Insurance Information Institute. As a result, thousands of Floridians… Read More »


PIP Pitfalls You Need To Be Prepared For

By Alan Goldfarb |

If you or a family member was seriously injured in an auto accident, you have the ability to immediately file a claim to obtain financial compensation through Personal Injury Protection (PIP) benefits. This is because Florida is a “no fault” state meaning motorists can obtain financial compensation for their harms and losses without an… Read More »


Tragic Accident On Cortez Boulevard Results In Death Of Child

By Alan Goldfarb |

The sudden and unexpected death of a loved one is a gut-wrenching, traumatic experience for anyone to suffer through. But the pain is made that much worse when the victim was a child who had their whole life ahead of them. An unfortunate example can be found in the car crash that occurred on… Read More »

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