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Miami Personal Injury Attorney > Blog > Miami Personal Injury Attorney > Woman Suffers Severe Injuries After Drinking Liquid Nitrogen

Woman Suffers Severe Injuries After Drinking Liquid Nitrogen


A woman is suing a Florida restaurant after she claims that the waiter spiked her drink with liquid nitrogen. The woman required immediate hospitalization and had to have her gallbladder and parts of her stomach removed.

According to the complaint, the plaintiff was with her friend when they both saw a waiter pour liquid nitrogen on a dessert. It caused the dessert to smoke which both ladies thought was pretty cool. They imparted this information on the waiter who then proceeded to pour the liquid nitrogen into her glass of water, producing a similar effect. The woman then drank the glass of water and it was bad.

Within seconds of drinking the water, the woman became seriously ill. The woman didn’t suspect that drinking the liquid nitrogen was dangerous as she had just seen the waiter do the same thing to another customer’s dessert. However, since nitrogen in its natural form in Earth’s atmosphere tends to be a gas, it must be incredibly cold to become a liquid. This caused severe burn injuries to the lining of her stomach and destroyed her gallbladder. The woman remained in the ICU for days following the incident.

Lifelong Digestive Issues

Attorneys for the woman say that she will now have lifelong digestive problems as a result of the incident. She has already lost twenty-five pounds and will likely need to restrict her diet considerably and alter her eating habits.

While liquid nitrogen is often used in the foodservice industry to improve presentation to the customer, it must be handled carefully and, in some situations, it should not be used at all. Nitrogen can only exist in its liquid form at -320 ℉. In other words, it cannot be directly consumed.

When placed on a hot dessert, the liquid nitrogen would immediately evaporate and become a gas. However, in water, the liquid nitrogen becomes trapped and can severely harm someone if they consume it.

Last year, the FDA issued an advisory warning to consumers and food preparers about using liquid nitrogen for presentation purposes. If ingested, the substance is extremely toxic and can be fatal. Food preparers must use the utmost care when using liquid nitrogen and restaurants should train staff on the dangers of using liquid nitrogen.

This woman’s lawsuit against the restaurant will be successful. She had just witnessed the waitress use the liquid nitrogen on a dessert with no ill effects. She then assumed that because the waitress was pouring it into her drink, it was safe for human consumption. The waiter should have been told that it’s important to be careful with liquid nitrogen. He wasn’t, and this woman will now spend the rest of her life with permanent injuries as a result of that failure.

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