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Tesla Targeted in Autonomous Car Lawsuit

By Alan Goldfarb |

In a recent lawsuit, a Florida resident was doing 80 mph on a highway when a stopped vehicle “suddenly appeared” in his lane. The man crashed into the back of the vehicle and proceed to sue Tesla for a failure of their autonomous driving AI. The car had stalled in the lane that he… Read More »


Family of Slain Motorcyclist Pushes for Stiffer Vision Standards

By Alan Goldfarb |

The family of Sean Parke, a Fort Myers teen who was killed in an auto accident, is pushing for stricter laws concerning vision tests and drivers. The young man was hit when a 78-year-old motorist, who is legally considered blind, struck his motorcycle in 2014. Although Florida is technically considered a no-fault state as… Read More »


How Will Self-Driving Cars Affect Personal Injury Lawsuits?

By Alan Goldfarb |

As both car manufacturers and technology companies combine their collective minds to hammer out new technologies that allow the elderly and blind to get from point A to point B without a driver’s license, questions arise concerning legal issues. For instance, if a self-driving car is involved in a car accident, who would be… Read More »


Violent Crash In Miami Results In Injuries

By Alan Goldfarb |

When a driver decides to exceed the speed limit, they are putting their safety, and the safety of others, at risk. A prime example is the fiery wreck involving a Lamborghini. The driver of the exotic sports car decided to go an excessively high rate of speed, lost control, and wound up crashing into… Read More »


Injured While Driving In A Bad Storm – Can I Still Pursue Compensation?

By Alan Goldfarb |

Hurricane Irma slammed large portions of Florida resulting in significant property damage and multiple deaths. When a major storm hits Florida, a question asked quite regularly is whether someone who was hit and injured by another driver can still recover financial compensation if the weather was terrible outside when the collision occurred. The answer… Read More »


Three Teenagers Killed in High Speed Car Crash in Palm Harbor

By Alan Goldfarb |

Driving in excess of the speed limit is never a good idea. A prime example is the heart-wrenching car wreck that occurred at the intersection of US 19 and Tampa Road in Palm Harbor. A stolen Ford Explorer operated by a teenage driver was traveling at speeds well over 100 miles per hour when… Read More »


Miami Attorney Seriously Injured in a Hit-and-Run Accident

By Alan Goldfarb |

In the blink of an eye, your life can get turned upside down due to the careless, irresponsible actions of another driver. A prime example is the awful accident where a Miami Beach attorney’s vehicle was clipped by another driver speeding at over 100 miles an hour on the MacArthur Causeway causing his vehicle… Read More »


Addressing Gaps in Treatment – Important to Overcome Insurance Company Tactics

By Alan Goldfarb |

You are driving on Southeast Second Street in Miami when another driver rear ends your vehicle. There is damage to your vehicle and you immediately feel pain in your neck and lower back. However, you decide to forego medical treatment and try to “battle through” the pain. This is considered a “gap” in treatment…. Read More »


Aggressive Driver Causes Deadly Wreck in Orlando

By Alan Goldfarb |

An aggressive driver appears to have caused the deaths of himself and at least two other people in Orlando, according to CBS Miami. The Florida Highway Patrol indicate that a man was operating his BMW in an aggressive manner when he lost control of the vehicle on East Colonial Drive, slammed into a median… Read More »

Surf’s Up

By Alan Goldfarb |

A local surfer is quite lucky to have suffered no injuries – and escaped potential tragedy – when she hydroplaned off a Hillsboro Beach road and into the Intracoastal Waterway. According to the woman, she had been surfing in Pompano Beach and decided to head to Deerfield Beach instead in search of better waves…. Read More »

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